Flow & Power – mit Anna-Maija Nyman 07.06.20

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Flow and Power mit Anna-Maija Nymann

Dies ist Anna-Maijas Signature Tricks Workshop – Flowy, Strong, Powerful Static Pole! Dieser Workshop beinhaltet alles – Tanzen, Drehungen und Spins an der Static Pole und dynamische Kombinationen. 


Beschreibung über Anna-Maija:
Anna-Maija Nyman is a Finnish pole performer & instructor based in Stockholm, Sweden. Anna-Maija competes actively and has won several national and international competitions. She is, for example, five times Swedish National Champion (2013, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2019), POSA Open 2019 Winner, Pole Theatre Scandinavia 2018 Overall Winner, Las Vegas Pole Expo Classic 2017 Winner and Pole Art Italy 2016 Winner.
Anna-Maija has been teaching Pole internationally since 2013 and has taught or performed in closer to 20 countries and still counting.
The pole journey of Anna-Maija started as fitness-based training but through the years her style has grown into more artistic direction. For Anna-Maija pole is all about expression, creativity and freedom to explore different styles of movement. Her training regime includes also dance and beginner level figure skating classes.


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07.06.2020,  12:00-13:30 Uhr

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